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The Purpose of this Web Site

The purpose of this web site is to contain in one place many of the links to sites on the Internet that I have found to be valuable and reliable.

It's rare to find web sites that don't have garbage mixed in with the good stuff. I wanted to create such a site. Two examples of sites that are free of all dross are Camera.Org and Digital-Librarian.Com .

This site is pro-Israel not because it is biased towards Israel but because it posts only sites and stories which are not biased against Israel.

This site is dedicated to truth - in the news, in science, in math, and in art (truth is beauty -- Keats).

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The Philosophy of this Web Site

This site is a work in progress. I'm learning about organizing the many links as I try to maintain some order between them.

I use the category General to point to general sites. I usually put this category first.

I use the category Misc or Miscellaneous to point to sites that contain specific examples of the current topic. I usually put this category last.

Other categories come between General and Miscellaneous.

Some of the timely links like those to current news articles can become invalid because the news site archives the articles or makes them accessible only with the payment of a fee. I apologize for any convenience caused by these invalid links.

You may report invalid links to me Here or you may copy and paste the words of the link into a search engine like Google and do a search for other sites that may have links to this article or topic. You may find the exact same article or one that contains much of the information of the article you were looking for.

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