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A Brief Summary

I'm a political liberal who believes that Israel is not only right in its conflict with the arabs who are trying to destoy it, but is an example to the nations of courage and grace in the face of implacable hatred.

There is a strong bias against Israel in the news media, the U.S. State Department, the United Nations, the EU, the Vatican, and many major religious, academic, business, and social organizations. Every organization that harbors this bias has its integrity diminished.

The internet has a wealth of information - accurate and inaccurate, meaningful and meaningless. I started this site to try to weed out the many accurate and meaningful sites (and the fun goofy ones). There are many links to reputable sources of information in politics, foreign affairs, journalism, reference, academic subjects, fun stuff, and assorted interesting sites. I hope you enjoy the information and excuse me for the outdated links. You are welcome to contact me with comments, suggestions, corrections, or questions ( Contact Me ).


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