Brainwashing People to Hate Israel and Jews

The whole world, with a few exceptions, seems to hate Israel and Jews. Where does all this hatred come from and how is it propagated? In my view, it comes from distortions, lies, religious and racial intolerance, a slavish devotion to Arab oil, and a fear of Muslim terrorism. Anyone willing to look with an unbiased eye at the facts of history and the current aspects of Israeli life will admire the ethical nature of Israel’s conduct. Here are a few thoughts I have about this matter.

The Arab and Muslim world is rife with antisemitism.  The governments and media make obvious efforts to brainwash their people to hate Israel and Jews beginning in the classroom and continuing in their mosques, news media, tv, radio, and books.

For an overview of Antisemitism in the Arab world, see Antisemitism in the Arab world.

Here’s an article about Textbooks in Arab Nations Loaded with Anti-Semitism posted February 5, 2012.

Here is an article about Arab Teachers’ Rejection of Holocaust Education Highlights Arab Anti-Semitism which makes the point that, “How can anyone seriously contemplate Palestinian peace with living Jews if they are often unable to reconcile themselves with even the humanity of murdered Jews?”.

Below are two articles about how the Arab world and other enemies of Israel, under the guise of civil rights, try to demonize Israel.

Rule of Law and Due Process: NGO Campaigns to Discredit the Israeli Justice System is a report by NGO Monitor on May 22, 2011 that shows that, in order to internationally isolate Israel, NGOs have developed a strategy to discredit the Israeli justice system and to falsely paint Israel as an anti-democratic state.

“Trading Away Peace”: How Biased Political NGOs Fuel Conflict explains how a political advocacy NGO network, which receives massive funding from European governments, markets a selective and one-sided narrative in order to demonize Israel. This is part of the “Durban strategy” of using highly distorted versions of the conflict and allegations of “war crimes” in order to isolate Israel – a strategy that these NGOs and their allies have employed for more than a decade.

News media are often responsible for originating or spreading false accounts blaming Israel for actions for which it is not responsible.  Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America is a great source of accurate information about Israel and corrections to news media accounts.

The sheer repetition of lies help to make them seem true. If so many people believe such is the case, it must be true.  If you truly want to know what is true about Israel, read more than one source of information and think for yourself. Read about some of the history of the area and read conflicting accounts and evaluate what seems to be true. Which experts quote their sources? Which ones are open to questions? Which ones have good credentials? It always come down to this: you alone are responsible for your beliefs and what you believe has important consequences!

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